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Stagecoach challenged us to develop an idea that would convince young people, including students, that the bus was the best way for them to get around. 

BIBI campaign-01.jpg


We knew what we were up against trying to get the attention of young people; the toughest of audiences to reach - think fingers in ears going ‘la-la-la-la-la.’ Especially as we had to completely flip their negative perceptions about bus travel in general. 


So, our big idea ‘Bussed it, bossed it’ was born. A tongue-in-cheek rap, that allowed us to land all of the benefits of bus travel in a way that was so unexpected our audience didn’t see it coming.

BIBI campaign-02.jpg
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“It is so rare to have such brilliant creativity matched by attentive, care and consideration. Not to mention break neck speed. Working with Supersonic has been a breath of fresh air – it is a partnership and I feel like they are as invested in our business as we are. We are so grateful to have them on board for our new exciting plans.” 


Harriet Hughes-Payne

Sales & Marketing Director

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