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Stagecoach challenged us to develop an idea that would convince young people, including students, that the bus was the best way for them to get around. 

THE BRIEF. asked us to define and deliver their brand story to the homeowners of Britain. The DUSK brand was born with the belief that stylish, 
high-quality homewares are a luxury that everyone deserves. We helped them build a brand positioning and launch campaign that would disrupt the industry heavyweights and challenge the way we all shop for furniture. 



Our idea had to break through a default mindset, that if you want lovely things for your home, you have to pay through the nose for them. We needed to tell the brand’s story,  explaining how DUSK could offer far better value than its rivals, and the barely contained joy this gave its customers. 


Our campaign sign off nails this quietly smug feeling, in a memorable branded catchphrase only DUSK can own. DuskSayin.


Working with SUPERSONIC has been an absolute delight from the start. Their team's creativity knows no bounds, and they managed to take our vision and transform it into something beyond our expectations. What stood out to us the most was their ability to listen. They took the time to understand our brand, our goals, and our story and then seamlessly infused those elements into their work. It feels like a true partnership where our ideas are not only respected but enhanced by their expertise. Communication is flawless. They are always available to address our concerns, answer our questions, and provide updates. It's clear that they value transparency, and you feel like a priority.


Sian Guest

Head of Brand

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